2010 Scott Sizemore was Bad, But September Scott Sizemore was Good


We really appreciate receiving comments on our articles. It is fun when a post turns into an opportunity for a discussion and comments can even serve as inspiration for a post. This post comes as a result of the following comment received on yesterday’s down on the farm report:

"…As for Sizemore, he always seems to do good in the minors. He has had two chances in the Majors and hasnt made the best of either chance."

This comment got me thinking…

Scott Sizemore‘s 2010 big league numbers weren’t good. He finished with a .224/.296/.336 slash line compiled over three separate stints with the Tigers. The first two certainly fit in with the statement in the comment that he hasn’t made the best of his chances but the third suggests otherwise. Let’s take a look.

We all remember the rough start Scott Sizemore got off to last season. It was pretty brutal and a demotion was in everyone’s best interest. He had compiled a .206/.287/.289 slash line by May 15 with just one home run, 8 RBI and five doubles in 97 at-bats. Time to head South.

Fast forward to July when Brandon Inge breaks his hand. Time to head North.

Sizemore second stint with the Tigers lasted just six games in which he hit just .200/.200/.250 with just one extra base hit and one RBI in 20 at-bats. Time to head South.

The conclusion of the minor league season gives a select group of prospects a chance to join the big club when rosters expand in September. Time to head North. This opportunity put 12 more games on Scott Sizemore’s resume and gave us the best sign yet that he can be a good major league player by posting a .308/.357/.577 slash line over these final 26 at-bats. It is an admittedly small sample size but it does show at least one chance he has “made the best of”.

Scott Sizemore will have to overcome his propensity to strike out far more than he walks (despite his well documented start at AAA, he posted a 12/19 BB/SO ratio), but he has nothing to prove at the minor league level. His lackluster performance in the first half of last season could be attributed to the lingering effects of an injury he sustained in the previous Arizona Fall League season which put him in a disadvantaged position in taking over for the popular Placido Polanco. That explanation (or excuse) can’t be used anymore and it is time for Sizemore to prove whether he is the player we saw in September or the player we saw before that. This much is clear: He must make the most of this chance.