Tigers Attendance Lagging


You may remember hearing a few weeks back about the Tigers strong early attendance, bucking a negative trend for the league as a whole and strong season ticket and package sales. As of mid-April, attendance was indeed quite a bit above last years levels. Unfortunately, that trend doesn’t seem to be holding up:

This shouldn’t be due to the quality of the product on the field, after 40 games last year the Tigers were 23-17 compared to 22-18 this year. We had our 4 at home against the Yankees early last year and early this year, but they didn’t seem to draw so well this time. I’m sure some of this can be chalked up to bad weather, and maybe some to the drawing power of the competition, but it is looking like earlier reports of bouyant ticket sales and baseball enthusiasm booming in the Motor City may have been premature. Let us hope that we see a little more sunshine and a rebound in the latter half of May.