Save Summer Baseball at Miracle Park


Thanks to twitter, I was alerted to an important cause that I think MCB readers may want to contribute towards:

"Miracle Park in Southfield is literally a field of dreams. The baseball diamond, which hosts mentally and physically handicapped children, is specially made with virgin rubber pellets, which creates traction for players in wheelchairs, walkers and crutches.Last week, vandals graffiti’d expletives all over the announcer’s booth, concessions stand and infield. The season is only two weeks away, and replacing part of the infield is an expensive process.Every kid deserves to play ball, and this field is the only place for many of Metro Detroit’s handicapped kids to experience our national pastime.Give $10, or give a little more. We don’t know how much it will cost to clean/replace the infield, but every little bit helps. All the money raised (less The Point’s cut) will be donated to the Miracle League of Michigan.Visit"

A page has been created on to collect money for the cause. You can donate by using the clicking the box below.