What Do You Do With A Problem Like Ryan Raburn?


And to that I have no answer, just a poll.

A brief introduction, then follow through the jump to get your vote in. Ryan Raburn, though one might get the impression that he is a ‘young guy’ is actually a 30-year-old with a pretty decent track record. The problem is that, up to this point in the season, he is playing exactly to form. You could describe Raburn as a cold starter, but that isn’t quite accurate. He hasn’t been that great in his Aprils, but he’s been awful in his Mays. Eventually he warms up and he’s good enough in the warm parts of the year that his numbers overall are above average for a corner outfielder. Maybe he needs playing time now in order to get hot later… But he’s killing the offense NOW. So: what is the best way to manage a player who follows Raburn’s pattern?