Rapid Reactions: Ryan Raburn Put it on the Board


Tigers 7, White Sox 3 (box score)

  • Pitching around one of this season’s best hitting catchers to face a guy hitting .199 is a sound decision. Ryan Raburn made Ozzie Guillen pay for that decision in a big way with his fourth inning grand slam. Please let this be the return of Summer Raburn!
  • Al Alburquerque is legit. Benoit is back.

    Don Kelly proved that the Tigers have two very good options at third base defensively and two very bad options offensively.

    Tigers pitcher struck out Adam Dunn three more times today, that makes for seven this series. Victor Martinez > Adam Dunn.

    The Tigers are starting to build a 2011 track record of doing what kept them out of the playoffs in recent years – competency away from Comerica Park and winning inside the division.

    The Indians spent the weekend at home and got swept while the Tigers took a weekend series in Chicago. Borat said it best, “I like”.