Tigers Playoff Tickets On Sale Monday


The Detroit Tigers will be selling tickets to potential playoff games beginning Monday, September 12 at 10 am. For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to land tickets in 2006, or (worse) who were lucky enough to get tickets in 2009, only to watch our dreams dashed in Game 163, our time has come again.

I hesitate to hype this too much, just because there is still a very small, tiny even, place in the deepest part of my soul that doesn’t want to count our chicken until that magic number is reached. Still, a nine game lead with 19 to play should be safe. This Tigers team won’t play under .500 the rest of the way and neither Chicago nor Cleveland is capable of rattling off nineteen of 21, as they would need to is Detroit goes a mere 9-10 down the stretch.

Monday’s sale will be open to the general public and is available only via telephone or through the team’s website. No tickets will be offered at the Comerica Park box offices. This sale is for ALDS tickets only. Should the Tigers advance beyond the ALDS, an additional drawing for priority sale will be held as well as a general public sale for the later rounds.