The Beginning of a New Era of MCB


There have been some exciting happenings around these parts lately and the latest is the biggest yet. I am pleased to announce that three members of the Detroit Baseball Page staff have agreed to join the FanSided Network and complete a merger of sorts with MCB.

As a part of this merger, Mickey Brignall and Garret Craig will be joining us as Staff Writers and John Verburg will be joining us as well, but his role will be that of site editor. If you’ve been following along, you realize that this means that I will no longer hold that title.

In addition to my duties overseeing this site, I have spent the past 13 months also serving as Director of Development for FanSided MLB. While I will no longer be the editor at MCB, I will remain on staff as a writer and be in a position to better distribute my time to other network needs. The move will allow me to help grow the network in ways I cannot while maintaining the level of writing I had been accustomed to.

In the back of my mind, this kind of move has been festering for a while, but the timing has never been quite right. When the idea of this merger was brought up, the opportunity to add three writers with the level of excellence these guys have shown was too great to pass up.

MCB as you know it will change, but only for the better. We will have more depth to our coverage, more opinion, and more analysis. What will remain the same is the commitment to the reader that has been in place since the site’s inception. John, Mickey, and Garret will be making their debuts here soon.

And while this is not goodbye, I would be remiss if I didn’t extend a personal and heartfelt thank you to each and every person who has ever taken the time to read my work, to each person who has left a comment, both good and bad, and to each writer who has devoted his time to the building of this great site. This is the beginning of a new era at MCB where we will build upon the foundation we already have in place and take this site to new heights.