It Wasn’t Pretty, but it’s Not Over Yet


I know Tigers fans are probably down today.

The team blew a golden opportunity to clinch the series and head to Texas for a 50/50 shot at the World Series–but just remember one thing.  This is far from over.

The Tigers have to head back to New York and shock the world.  They’re heading back to New York to face a talented rookie pitcher with both teams season on the line.  I know Ivan Nova is good and dominated the Tigers in Game Two, but he is a rookie pitcher going in an elimination game.  He’ll be facing some of the best hitters in the game who haven’t even totally heated up yet in this series.

Miguel Cabrera was dominant in Game Two, but nearly invisible in the other games.  Victor Martinez and Jhonny Peralta have been quite and Austin Jackson and Alex Avila have been miserable.  If a couple of those guys heat up, it’ll be anyone’s game.  Get Magglio Ordonez back in their and give Ryan Raburn a shot with the short porches in Yankee stadium.  They’ve both been criticized ad nausem this season, but it would make a fitting story to see those two contribute to a Game Five shocker.

Honestly, it was ugly last night but it got out of hand thanks to Phil Coke and Co., a could of ground balls just out of Jhonny Peralta’s reach and two unbelievable catches by the Yankees’ Curtis Granderson.  We knew the bullpen was ugly after Jose Valverde and Joaquin Benoit and that’s what we saw yesterday.  If Doug Fister can shake off Game 2 and rebound to how he pitched the entire month previous, I like the Tigers odds.  He’ll get the Tigers late into the game and we can see Benoit and Valverde.

So while the entire world will pick the Yankees to win, they all picked the Tigers to win last night…how did that turn out?