A Look At Duane Below


Earlier in the week I provided our readers with some links around the baseball world that touched upon some current Tigers information. Today, I wanted to bring you another article at a wonderful site called Seedlings to Stars. They do a series on their site called “The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of”, and their most recent one included Tigers pitcher Duane Below.

The idea of the series is to take a look at recently promoted players, and take a look at if their actual performance matches the scouting reports that come with them.

As someone who has watched Duane Below come up through the ranks, and having profiled Duane Below myself at Detroit Baseball Page here, I was impressed by the analysis and the site in general over at Seedlings To Stars.

Take the link over to S2S for the Below article, and don’t be afraid to check out their other stuff. For prospect lovers, they have begun their top 100 and have some interesting selections.