Some Thoughts Before Game 6


Earlier today I watched my Michigan Wolverines play one heck of a craptastic game against the Michigan State Spartans.  Most Octobers this would ruin my entire day (why it would is probably a different discussion…to have with a professional…).  However, today is different.  Today, I get a chance to watch one of the greatest Tigers teams of my life play in the American League Championship Series.  Five years ago we went through something similar.  A game that normally dictates my mood for a day or a weekend was an afterthought as the Tigers were playing the Yankees in the ALDS.  While the Wolverines won that day, I really could not have cared less…because the Tigers won (the Michigan victory was just really awesome icing on a damn delicious cake).

Tonight the Tigers will once again fight to keep their season alive.  As we have seen before, when the season is on the rocks, the team seems to excel.  It has been a great pleasure to watch the Tigers all season long.  While I have complained about the lineups and the overuse of some players (Yes, Don Kelly) I have thoroughly enjoyed this season because I have seen greatness so often.  I hope the Tigers win tonight – not only for all of those guys who have given their everything but because I selfishly want to keep watching them.  I want to see a Game 7.  I want to see them in the World Series.  I want to finally get to see that World Series game with my Dad that I was unable to 5 years ago (I had tickets to Game 6…#sadface).

However, regardless of what happens tonight, we should all be thankful for the 173 (plus ST) Tigers games we have been able to witness this year.  GO TIGERS!