Who’s Watching The World Series?


One of the things I try to do as someone who writes for a baseball site is, well……pay attention to baseball. Seems a simple concept I know, but fans (and writers) can be decidedly uneducated about teams that aren’t their own. Personally, I don’t understand this, as I am a fan of the game as a whole. Plus you never know which players are going to be on your team at any given moment, so I am constantly watching baseball regularly. Hell, I’ve spent countless hours watching the San Diego Padres this past season, and can tell you that Cameron Maybin has indeed improved quite a bit.

But I have to be honest. I have barely watched more than a couple of innings of this World Series.

As a baseball fan, it’s not that I don’t have interest in who wins the World Series. I do. It’s just that I can’t stand the Cardinals and Tony LaRussa. There, I said it. I feel quite a bit better now.

I am definitely rooting for the Texas Rangers in this series, which unfortunately for the Rangers, probably means that means they are going to lose. I don’t tend to have luck with these things. However, the more I see Ron Washington bouncing around the dugout after a hit, like a kid who just ate a carton of ice cream with a pound of sugar on top, the less I like watching the Rangers as well. I get the elation to an extent, but what is the television network’s infatuation with constantly showing it?  This isn’t about Fox’s coverage of the playoffs though, this is equal parts bitterness, dislike and apathy for a series that doesn’t involve the Tigers.

Let me jump around here like a post-modern fiction writer in a hard to understand artsy novel, and go back to LaRussa for a minute. Now, I know that he is a very charitable guy and I don’t personally know him, but I happen to agree with Brandon Phillips assessment. His teams seem to have a big baby factor, and he is at the head of it. Or maybe that is just my perception, and I am still bitter because his pretty crappy 2006 team beat our Tigers in the World Series. No way the Tigers should have lost that series. Still mad their pitchers couldn’t field the baseball.

It’s not that there is a lack of stories with these two teams in the playoffs. A couple major players on each in team in C.J. Wilson of the Rangers, and Albert Pujols of the Cardinals, might be singing their swan songs with their respective clubs. There is also the fact that the Rangers are trying for a second consecutive year, and that the Cardinals wouldn’t even be there if not for an epic comeback to begin with. There is a whole batch of new players to get to know for people, David Freese, Jason Motte, Mike Adams, and well, half of the Cardinals roster.

Still, I found myself watching the Michigan State Spartans last night instead of the World Series. And I am glad I did, because it was a heck of a game and way more interesting than the baseball game. There wasn’t much intrigue to the game with the Rams beating the Cowboys 16-7 anyway. I mean the Cardinals beating the…..well, you know what I mean.

I still hope that Texas wins the series, and maybe I will begin making a better effort to start watching it tonight, but not sure I can stand it. Is Joe Buck even doing the game? I guess I can always turn the volume off if he is. Who’s playing Sunday night football? New Orleans and Indianapolis. Looks like a blowout. Tough choice to make.

Damn Lions just look their second in a row at home. They teased us. Its a pretty average football team.

I guess what I am saying that even though I do take an active interest in the goings on in all of baseball, I am struggling to hang in there with anything that doesn’t involve the Tigers. It’s not the Rangers and Cardinals fault, they are good baseball teams. I’m just more interested in talking Tigers.

I don’t know, maybe that’s the way it should be.