Aaron Hill Off The Market


If there was ever any chance that Aaron Hill would wind up filling the void at second base in Detroit, that chance is gone. Hill has resigned with the Arizona Diamondbacks, who acquired him from Toronto in a mid-season trade, for 2 years and $11 million.

As I wrote not too long ago, Hill would have been a poor fit for Detroit due to his right-handed bat and lack of on-base skills. However, the second base market was thin (particularly after the one-and-only real leadoff candidate at the position, Jamey Carroll, was snagged by the Twins) and just got thinner. While Kelly Johnson is still on the market, he’s still in the worst position a free agent can be in as a marginal Type-A that his club would love to keep. The chances that this particular area of need will be answered through the free agent market look slim and getting slimmer.