Kelly Johnson’s Status Modified


It appears that as a result of the new CBA, Kelly Johnson will not cost the signing team (like, say, Detroit) a draft pick. As far as the Tigers are concerned, Johnson in now effectively a Type-B and by far the best option available at second base (in my personal opinion). Yes, there are better players who could potentially be acquired via trade but such players would exact a steep price on the Tigers farm system.

While Elias rankings will be gone entirely after next season, it appears that the Type-A free agents from this particular free agent class are being divided into three specific groups. The lowest will become (for all intents and purposes) Type-Bs with the losing side receiving a supplemental-round pick, the middle group will also not cost the signing team any picks but the losing side will receive a first-round pick immediately before that of the signing team (but the signing team will still get its pick). The highest group will seemingly remain as before, costing the signing team its first round pick. All of this is hearsay at the moment, if we get more precise or better confirmed information this post will be updated.