S2S Tabs Tigers Turner 6th Best Prospect


Over at FanSided Networks MiLB site SeedlingsToStars.com, Nathaniel Stoltz has been working on a 2012 Top 100 prospect list. Earlier today, Stoltz named Tigers prospect Jacob Turner the 6th best prospect in baseball.

Stoltz had this to say about Turner’s future…

"Turner should be a big, durable front-of-the-rotation presence, and he has three pitches with plus potential. He doesn’t turn 21 until May, and he should be a major league fixture right around his birthday. It looks highly likely that he’ll be able to maintain a very low walk rate and solid groundball/homer rates in the majors, especially as he matures. If he tightens up his pitches and sequencing, he should get enough whiffs to be an ace, and barring a tremendous setback, his worst-case scenario is probably something like Luke Hochevar with better command."

Pretty encouraging words from Stoltz, I’ll admit that I threw up in my mouth a bit when he threw out the Hochevar floor projection though. The wheels will really have to fall off the wagon for Turner to become as big of a disappointment as Hochevar has been. Although I wasn’t a fan of the comparison, Stoltz brought up a very valid point, anything is possible though in the world of prospects. Turner could be an Ace. Turner also could be a guy like Hochevar with a ton of hype and a career 5.29 ERA.

Last week we announced Turner as the Tigers top prospect. Naturally any trade conversation begins and ends with his name. Obviously it takes value to get value in return. You’ve heard Turner’s name brought up a lot lately in trade rumors. Recently we’ve heard his name in rumors for Cubs pitcher Matt Garza and Braves pitcher Jair Jurrjens. Tigers fans remain divided on wether or not dealing Turner is the right move. Hell, even I change my mind a couple times a day!

So I ask you the reader…

If your a fan of Minor League Baseball make sure you check out SeedlingsToStars.com and take a look at Nathaniel’s Top 100 Prospects list.

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