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Tigers Not Looking to Trade Top Prospect Jacob Turner


A few days ago, Buster Olney reported that the Tigers were interested in


Jacob Turner

. Today, Dave Dombrowski


those rumors, and put them to rest, for now. Dombrowski is the ultimate salesman, and one of the best in the business at public relations. He says what he wants everyone to hear, not necessarily what the Tigers’ plans really are.

I was surprised that Dombrowski even addressed these rumors in the first place. Typically, the PR mastermind won’t even address rumors of this nature, and if he does, he’ll give the typical wishy-washy answer that can be taken either way. However, this time he flat out said “We are not looking to trade Jacob Turner.” Usually, Dombrowski, when asked these questions would say something like “Well, Jacob is an integral part of our organization. We see big things for him in the future. We really like him as a player, as a person, and see him as an option for the rotation this upcoming season.” Or in other words, nothing either way.

It’s possible, and even likely that the Cubs and Tigers had trade talks with Turner, but the Cubs were interested in players that the Tigers weren’t willing to give up besides Turner. Dombrowski knows that by coming out with a comment this strong, he can put to rest these rumors for now, and reiterate to his top prospect that he’s not on the trading block. It doesn’t mean however, that he has to stick to his word. Whether it’s later in the summer, or even later this winter, Turner could be dealt for the right piece, and Dombrowski could just say that it was best for the team right now.

When DD states that the Tigers are not looking to trade Turner, do you believe him?