Prince Fielder signing, it has been clearly the biggest n..."/> Prince Fielder signing, it has been clearly the biggest n..."/>

Prince Fielder. Yeah, We’ve Discussed Him.


With Prince Fielder signing, it has been clearly the biggest news of the Tigers off-season, and one of the top stories around baseball. We have obviously been heavy on coverage of Prince and what this means to the Tigers for the upcoming season. So, over the past few days, a variety of writers on MCB have been looking at a variety of angles regarding the big signing. I thought it might be time to consolidate some of these into one post at this point for readers easy perusal.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean by any stretch we are done discussing the big fella, I am sure we have more coming, but it’s time to take a step back and look at the week that was almost all Prince Fielder…….

Chris Hannum started the Prince madness off with the informational post about the Tigers signing Fielder on Tuesday.

Chris on Tuesday also took a look at the trio of Tigers mashers and how they stacked up against each other in a few different categories.

I decided to chime in on Fielder on Wednesday after digesting the news of the signing, and took a look at how the signing was going to have an effect on the roster, and potentially Brandon Inge in particular.

I wasn’t going to stop at just one Fielder post on Wednesday. He is just too interesting. I took a look at how as much as a treat it may be for Jim Leyland to pencil Fielder’s name in the lineup, the addition could add pressure to his job.

Also on Wednesday, Garret Craig chimed in on the Fielder signing, and I think summed up what we all felt, and that was the shock about this signing coming out of nowhere.

Much to the Angels fans dismay, Garret explains as well why the Fielder signing is a better deal than the Pujols signing.

Chris Hannum wasn’t done with Fielder after writing about him Tuesday. He came back Wednesday and wrote about Fielder’s contract, and how it looks in the future in regards to payroll flexibility.

Thursday brought even more Fielder coverage, and I touched on the Tigers owner Mike Ilitch, his desire to win, and how we should all appreciate that.

Thursday also brought a guest appearance from John Parent, and he discussed in an article whether the national media is going too far about being up in arms about his contract and contests that the Tigers vastly overpaid.

Garret Craig came back on Thursday to discuss how the Fielder move affects the defense of the Tigers, and how it could be interesting to say the least.

For those of you have seen the movie Moneyball, Chris Czar stopped by Thursday and touched on how the Fielder move relates to the philosophies adopted by Oakland’s Billy Beane, who is portrayed by Brad Pitt in the movie.

And last, but not least, Sam Genson touched on how the Tigers might not be done after the Fielder signing, and why Yoennis Cespedes makes more sense now than ever for the Tigers.

As you can see, we have been covering this from a variety of angles, and still may not be done. For all of the Tigers coverage you can handle, keep checking back with us, and always feel free to sign in and comment on any article you choose.