Alfredo Aceves has now made two appearances in ..."/> Alfredo Aceves has now made two appearances in ..."/>

Notes From Sunday’s Game:


Red Sox closer Alfredo Aceves has now made two appearances in the 2012 season and has yet to record a single out…  I haven’t done any fact checking to see who else we might have out there at the moment with multiple appearances and an infinite ERA – but I’m sure this is (for the time being) an elite club.

Duane Below – recording only a single out – got his second win in as many days … and if any Tigers pitcher deserved it, he’s probably the one.  Why? Because striking out Adrian Gonzalez with men on to stop the bleeding (with what must have been a pretty tired arm) is a pretty impressive bit of clutch pitching.

While we’re all hoping that Austin Jackson‘s new swing will help him cut down on strikeouts so that he doesn’t need a sky high BABIP just to get on base a reasonable percentage of the time, that was not in evidence today.  In 6 at-bats, Jackson struck out twice (33.3% of the time…).  Of course, this is Austin Jackson, so it should come as no big surprise that his BABIP in those other four at-bats was 1.000.  For the series, Jackson finished with 2 walks 3 strikeouts and 8 hits on 11 balls-in-play.  Is BABIP a tool?  Yes.  Does Jackson possess that tool? Yes.  And, somewhat sadly, 3 strikeouts in 16 plate appearances does represent a big improvement – small sample and all.