Delmon Young is a hot topic right now...and for all the wrong ..."/> Delmon Young is a hot topic right now...and for all the wrong ..."/>

Should The Tigers Part Ways With Delmon Young?


Delmon Young is a hot topic right now…and for all the wrong reasons. While I would love to shy away from the topic until we find out more information, it’s a subject I feel like we have to approach here at MCB. About 24 hours ago, it has been reported that Young got into some sort of drunken incident in New York, apparently involving some less than flattering words with a Jewish individual. What we do know is that Young was arrested, and that whatever occurred was serious enough that nobody is sure if we are going to see Young back on the field soon.

The Tigers have done the dance I expected at this point, making a comment that they weren’t going to comment, but at some point they are going to have to make a decision depending on the outcome of Young’s case. There is nothing wrong with the Tigers waiting on information. But the reality is they aren’t going to want to stay inactive for long on the subject and look like they aren’t being tough on a player that allegedly wasn’t a good face for the organization.

This isn’t the first incident during Delmon’s career where there has been some issue with anger. I’m sure many are familiar with him throwing his bat and hitting the umpire with it in a minor league game. He was suspended 50 games for that action. Delmon was young (no pun intended), however, and if nothing else, we tend to be a society that eventually forgives. While that transgression can be chalked up to being youthful, this latest one in New York cannot be chalked up to youth. It can be chalked up to being boozed, but that excuse isn’t likely to fly with the general public, putting the Tigers organization in a little bit of a bind.

There is a real possibility that this situation could be the end of Delmon Young’s tenure in Detroit. The Tigers might find it most palatable to wash their hands of the situation by letting go of Young, honestly made easier by the fact that Delmon Young isn’t all that good of a player. We’ve discussed his value quite a bit here on MCB, and when he wears a glove on his hand, it’s possible the Tigers would be better off with Andy Dirks and Don Kelly manning LF on a regular basis. That decision on whether or not the Tigers will get rid of Young likely isn’t going to be made very quickly. I believe the Tigers will wait for all the information to come through. I believe they will wait to see what happens legally, and they may just let MLB do the punishing and leave it at that.

Let’s be real. If this were Prince Fielder, I wouldn’t even be writing this article. The Tigers have too much invested in Prince, and he is a star player. Star players get different treatment. See Josh Hamilton and Miguel Cabrera. The Tigers would let MLB do what they will, and try to move on quickly. Delmon is only signed for this year, and is struggling. The Tigers will have to decide if Young is worth the potential public relations hit versus the production they get from him on the field.

As premature as this may be, I throw it to you out there. Are we willing to forgive Young for a drunken incident or not? Yes or no question. Which way are you leaning?