Live Chat Recap


In case you missed it, MCB held its first live chat on Friday at 4 PM. We have another one scheduled for Monday, June 4 around 2 PM as well. If you’re interested, here’s a link to the chat

Here are a few of the subjects that we touched upon:

A lot of questions about Prince Fielder were asked. Should the Tigers trade him? Who wants him? What are they going to do with Prince?

I think Prince is staying put as long as Illich is the owner. Illich acquires stars, he doesn’t trade them away. Sure, the Dodgers may call this offseason and inquire, but I’d guess he stays a Tiger for the duration of his contract.

Plenty of Nick Castellanos questions were asked. Where is he going to play? When’s he going to be on the MLB club?

I think Castellanos, depending on his performance at AA this season when he ultimately gets promoted, could see some time with the big club as early as late next season, and will get the chance to compete for a full time job in 2014. I believe he’ll play third, Cabrera will shift to first, and Prince to DH. I don’t see a move to LF unless Prince really gripes about DHing. Also, no, Nick cannot play 2B.

Should the Tigers fire Leyland?

No. There’s no one better. The Francona midseason replacement is a pipedream. It’s certainly plausible in the offseason, but I highly doubt he’d come in the middle of the year.

Are the Tigers going to win the division? Is Cleveland good? Who is going to win it?

Variations of this question were asked throughout the chat. I still believe the Tigers are going to win the Central. Cleveland doesn’t have enough starting pitching.

Max Scherzer or Rick Porcello?

Very difficult question. The Tigers are going to have to choose this offseason, too. Scherzer would probably generate more in trade, but he also has more upside.

Who is the most tradable prospect?

Rob Brantly. He’s also going to stay at catcher, just not in the Tiger organization. He’s great trade bait.

We got a Brian Flynn scouting report, and talked about him a bit. Regarding Flynn: 6’8″ southpaw low to mid 90s. working hard on polishing secondary offerings. Limits walks & keeps the ball in the yard. Might be the ACE of their staff in Lakeland this season. 4-1 2.94 ERA

Who will be the Tigers future closer?

Maybe Brayan Villarreal. Maybe Bruce Rondon. Or someone out of the org. Really, have no idea.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the chat, and can’t wait to do it again next week. Thanks everyone!