Tigers Need Outfield Help


In the most obvious post I have made in quite some time, I am declaring what we already know – the Detroit Tigers need another bat, and it needs to be an OFer.  So much has been made of the Tigers complete lack of competence of hitting at Second base that we kind of overlook the black hole in the Outfield.  With the news that Andy Dirks “is not close to returning” it is clear where the Tigers trading eyes should be focused.

An additional outfield bat should be much easier to obtain than a 2B who can make impact given that there are only a handful of such players (and two happen to be on the Astros).  Given the law of supply and demand, an outfielder should also cost the Tigers significantly less in terms of prospects.  Most all of the bottom dwelling teams appear to have someone in the outfield who could help the Tigers out.

Granted, maybe it doesn’t really matter.  Maybe the Tigers feel they should hold on to any potential trade chips they have until the off-season when prices on trades even out.  If they lose today, they could be in 4th place in the AL Central…that is more of a position for a seller rather an buyer.  if thats the case, then perhaps the Tigers need to sell off a few of thier MLB pieces for some outfield prospects.

With the exception of a position switch by Nick Castellanos, the outfield pipeline looks to be rather dry for a few more years until the guys we are hearing about in Lakeland and West Michigan can make the successful jump to Erie.

A return by Dirks or Brennan Boesch remembering how to hit consistently (with power) could help alleviate some of the Tigers OF woes.  However, at some point Quintin Berry will cool down (though hopefully not for awhile) and the problems will be magnified and without another bat, the Tigers woes will continue to grow.

We have another month to see which direction the Tigers will go…but one way or another (MLB or MiLB) the Tigers need help some help in the outfield.