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Tigers Eyeing D’Backs Infielders


According to Jon Paul Morosi of, the Tigers could be looking to make a major infield adjustment.  According to his sources, the Tigers have had talks with the Arizona Diamondbacks about both Shortstop Stephen Drew and infielder Ryan Roberts (perhaps together, though my guess is one or the other).  According to Morosi, in response it is possible that the Diamondbacks would ask for Jhonny Peralta in return.

Perhaps I am missing something, but that doesn’t really make sense – statistically or financially.  In 2013, Peralta has a $6 Million team option.  As you know, the past two years he has put up the following slash lines: .299/.345/.478 and .267/.334/.411.  While 2012 has been a bit of a let down, a lot of that is due to his great production of 2011.  With Drew, the Tigers would be adding $4 Million to their books as his option is $10 instead of $6.  They would also be getting a  SS who is not as good at the plate, putting up the following totals in the past 2 injury shortened seasons – .252/.317/.396 and .233/.277/.302.  So, a 1-1 trade seems, well, ludicrous.  If you were to add in Ryan Roberts, it gets even more confusing as in the past 2 seasons he has put up lines of .249/.341/.427 and .239/.287/.353 but is under team control for a couple more seasons.

On the surface it seems like there needs to be a bit more going on here.  Why would the Tigers trade away their shortstop for a downgrade who is MORE expensive and add a player who is essentially the same thing they already have in Rymony Rantigoth (that’s Ryan Raburn, Ramon Santiago and Danny Worth for those playing along at home).  If the Tigers do pull off a trade with the Diamondbacks for one or both of these players, SOMETHING else will be included in the mix.  Either that or Dave Dombrowksi has been kidnapped and replaced by Randy Smith wearing a mask and a visually striking polo shirt.