Everybody Panic! Again!


In the wake of today’s 5-1 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, it seems that our wonderfully rabid, knee-jerking Detroit Tigers fan base is at it again.

The Tigers lost the trade! We gave up Turner for this???

Omar Infante can’t hit!

When can we call up Nick Castellanos??

Anibal Sanchez had a reasonably forgettable debut with the Tigers, giving up 5 runs on 8 hits, 3 of which were hit over the wall, in 6 innings of work. While he’s not used to getting run support, the Tigers offense was of very little help even if he had a more sterling outing. Sure, when a 2-out single by Delmon Young followed by a Brennan Boesch double is the only run producer you have over the course of the game, people will grumble. And grumble they did.

To those who think suddenly that the trade for Sanchez and Infante from the Marlins was a terrible move, please take a step back. Nobody “wins” a trade in the first WEEK of a deal. Especially since the Tigers sent prospects to Miami, it’s irresponsible to assume the trade won’t work when those said players make something of themselves. And there are chances that all of them don’t make something of themselves (i.e. – all involved w/ the trade that brought Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to Detroit).

Sanchez will (hopefully) get himself settled in with the Tigers rotation, and all will be fine. Supposedly.

Of course, the offense is rather anemic again, so there’s something else people are ranting about. The solution? Nick Castellanos!!!

Well, according to some of the fans, that is. I was happy when Nick got his promotion to AA Erie earlier this season, and it was well deserved. Except now he’s pretty much the Tigers farm system, and rushing him to the big level is unwarranted and unnecessary. People seem to want to plug him at 2nd base (he’s not a middle infielder) or somewhere in the outfield, notably in right to replace Boesch. Except that while Castellanos has been playing some RF for Erie, that doesn’t mean he’s ready to do it for the Tigers. The fear in this mind of mine, is he is rushed up, fails miserably… and then what? Fans then point out that he wasn’t ready.

Then you shouldn’t have called up someone who wasn’t ready! Look what happened to Jacob Turner!

The Tigers struggles, as they are on another long road trip, are (in my opinion) limited to their inconsistent offense. The bottom of the lineup today went 0 for 9 with 4 strikeouts. Even Miggy and Prince Fielder went a combined 1 for 6, but at least reached base with a walk a piece. While no one should expect the Tigers to blow up the scoreboard nightly, they should at least score some more, right?


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