My Bad Everybody


I knew it as soon as I said it that only bad could come from it. Let me set the scenario for you all. You see, sometimes while I’m at my “real” job, I get to sporadically catch the Tigers. After all, I am the boss, and it’s important I keep up on what’s going on with the game so I can come here and write about it. However, I often get caught up doing work things (bummer) and sometimes my employees will drop by with an update on the game to let me know what is going on. Today was one of those days.

One of my employees dropped by the office and said, “Hey, Tigers are up 5-0 in the first already.” And then it happened. As a baseball fan, I should know better. I committed a cardinal sin and said out loud, “Sweet, with Fister going, that’s a win today.” I tried to put the cat back in the bag and suggest anything could happen minutes later, but it was out already, and the karma gods wouldn’t even wait a couple innings before they began to make my comment look stupid.

In the very next at-bat by the Orioles in the 2nd inning, they proceeded to put 4 runs on the board against the hottest of Tigers pitchers in Doug Fister. The Tigers still had the lead, but after my boasting, I knew it was only a matter of time before the jinx I had set at the start of the game became reality, and the Orioles would take the lead.

I actually watched very little of the game today. In fact, I probably only watched maybe 2 innings in total, but take a wild guess at which parts I saw. You guessed it. The parts where Baltimore was putting up runs on the Tigers. It was as if karma was mocking me, letting me know that I shouldn’t be messing with him/her. The point was especially driven home when it was Nate McLouth who tripled in the go ahead runs. McLouth shouldn’t be tripling anyone home, especially against Fister. He is a pretty bad baseball player.

So I apologize to Tigers fans. Even though I know I just verbalized what many of us thought when the Tigers took their 5-0 lead with Fister on the mound, I still shouldn’t have said it out loud, or maybe knocked on some wood or something.

Or maybe just sh*t happens, and Fister had a bad day. Oh well, bring on Toronto. I’m sure they will kick the crap out of the Tigers and sweep them.

See what I did there?

Reverse jinx. You can all thank me later.