A Season Full of Mistakes Show Up Sunday


The Detroit Tigers today, showed why that they aren’t a viable playoff team. The results were ultra sloppy.

Omar Infante (Photo: David Richard-US PRESSWIRE)

The Tigers lost another 1-run game today, this time having that 1-run lead going into the bottom of the 9th – as they go on to lose 7-6 at the hands of the Cleveland Indians. They now fall to two games behind the Chicago White Sox, who were able to easily finish off a sweep of the Minnesota Twins earlier in the day.

The loss dropped the Tigers to 8-10 vs. the Indians for the season.

Starter Rick Porcello wasn’t exactly all that helpful in his own cause. He threw over 20 pitches in the first inning, VERY few for strikes, and was able to get out of it with two come-backers and a fly ball. Overall, he threw 90 pitches, 53 for strikes, in only 4 2/3 innings. But he wasn’t completely at fault.

The bottom of the 5th inning was a summary of the Detroit Tigers defensive season. In short, an error by Omar Infante, basically failing to come up with a routine grounder that could have started a double play was their downfall. That started a series of close plays at first base, with a few too many “safe” calls by umpire Brian McKnight, ultimately gave the Indians the lead in the inning, and would lead to an early exit from manager Jim Leyland.

But with the score 5-3 in the top of the 7th inning, and with 2 on and 2 out, perennial recipient of “MVP” chants Miguel Cabrera did what folks who receive those chants do:

He hit a 3-run homer, giving the Tigers a 6-5 lead.

Fast forward to the bottom of the 9th, overworked closer Jose Valverde allowed a double to Jason Kipnis, who would score on a 1-out triple to Carlos Santana (who, yes, has now 2 triples in 2 games vs the Tigers), and that tied the game at 6. Valverde would intentionally walk the next 2 batters, setting up Lonnie Chisenhall, who would ultimately single into right center field, ending the game.

The Tigers sloppiness in the game would cost them, as their defense has been a total achilles heel for them all year. And it hurt them today.

The Tigers move on, to face the White Sox in their make-up game tomorrow afternoon before finally returning home to face the Wild Card contending Oakland Athletics.

Doug Fister faces Jose Quintana in the make-up game, which is scheduled to start at 2:10 ET.


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