Erie SeaWolves Get New Logo and Uniforms


The Erie Seawolves, the Detroit Tigers’ AA affiliate, unveiled a new look for the first time in over a decade. I’ve always thought that ‘Seawolves’, whatever those are, makes for a great minor league nickname but the previous logo didn’t bring the same level of awesomeness as the name. Let’s be honest, the previous logo was just cheesy.

The new logo comes in a few different forms. I will call them the Mr. Smee, the Captain Hook and the flag. Anyone that has seen Peter Pan will understand what I mean. Take a look:

Photo from @erie_seawolves on Twitter

Naturally, the uniforms get an update too:

Photo from @erie_seawolves on Twitter

I think the update is a huge improvement and may put me in the market for an Erie SeaWolves hat this offseason. What do you think?