Stock Up Stock Down: Tigers Minor Leaguers


As we approach the end of most of the minor league seasons, I wanted to discuss some of the Tigers prospects in a “Stock Up/Stock Down” format. We will of course rank the prospects in the off-season, but hopefully this will give some insight into some guys that we could see moving up and some insight into those who have fallen.

Stock Up:

Devon Travis (2B)

I think most Tigers fans are familiar with Devon Travis at this point. A 13th round draft pick last season, Travis has performed really well in West Michigan and Lakeland this year. AA Erie will be a big test for Travis next season, and despite not being a toolsy guy, he has definitely garnered some interest in the prospect world. For a guy that wasn’t really considered as a top 40 Tigers prospect entering 2013, he is in for a big jump before 2014.

Daniel Fields (OF)

Fields received a big bonus from the Tigers to skip the University of Michigan in favor of the Tigers. His first season was promising as he held his own in high A Lakeland as a teenager. Since then, Fields has stagnated quite a bit. However, this season Fields has taken a step forward, albeit with a question mark about his strikeouts. Fields has hit for a bit more pop this season, and has taken some steps forward at the plate. Basically, he has put himself back into consideration once again.

Javier Betancourt (2B/SS)

Betancourt was just a teenager with good numbers in the Latin Summer Leagues in 2012. Now he is a teenager with very good numbers in the Gulf Coast League. While he did make some top 50 Tigers lists (hint: mine), he should see a pretty significant jump in the Tigers rankings this 0ff-season. While the scouting reports on him are still tough to get at this time, the hitting ability looks to clearly be there.

Drew Verhagen (SP)

Verhagen’s numbers can’t be argued with, and for a guy that was just drafted last year, putting up solid numbers in AA is no small feat. On that alone, he is going to see a jump in his ranking. He still has some things to work on, but at the very least, Verhagen looks to be an usable bullpen piece down the road.

Stock Down:

Casey Crosby (SP)

Still a top 10 Tigers prospect at the beginning of the season, Crosby didn’t pitch particularly well to begin the season and has been on the shelf with an injury almost all year. His injury history and spotty command mean Crosby is going to fall like a stone in the rankings.

March 14, 2013; Port St Lucie, FL, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Casey Crosby (45) delivers a pitch against the New York Mets in the spring training game at Tradition Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Brenny Paulino (SP)

Brenny hasn’t pitched in game action now for two years straight. What was once a promising top of the rotation arm has now become an afterthought, even in the rail thin Tigers farm system.

Brandon Loy (2B)

I have never thought much of Loy as a prospect anyway, but he was still a guy that was firmly in the Tigers mind as a legitimate prospect before the season started. I am sure the Tigers still like Loy, who is basically an all glove guy, but he won’t be sniffing my top 50 this off-season, as I think there are several guys who have jumped ahead at this point.

Montreal Robertson (SP)

Robertson was a hot name prior to the 2013 season. With a good amount of arm strength, the Tigers converted Robertson to a starter in hopes of developing his secondaries. Robertson did spend some time on the DL with injury, but having seen him a couple of times this season, I didn’t come away particularly impressed. For a guy that was ranked in the 20’s by some, and even in the teens by others, I foresee a slippage in that standing this off-season.