Detroit Tigers Links: 11/25/13: Ian Kinsler loves Detroit & teams keeping best players out of free agency


Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

New Tiger Kinsler praises uniform, fans; ‘Detroit is the perfect place for me’ – John Lowe, Detroit Free Press

"■“We’re going to all come together and get it done,” [Ian Kinsler] says of winning the World Series for Detroit. “It is going to be lot of fun. I am proud to be part of it. I am happy to throw myself in with the Tigers.”■“There is something about the Tigers uniform,” he says. “It is very classic. There is an old-school type of feel to the Tigers organization, and I’m a huge fan of old school.”■“I’m a guy who wears my emotions on my sleeve. The only thing that matters is playing the game to win. That’s the way I play, and I am going to give my teammates and manager everything when I go out there every day. I hope the fans appreciate that.”■“I’m excited not to deal with the Detroit fans as an opposing player. It always has been a tough place to play. They have supported the Tigers extremely well and hated the opponent extremely well. That’s always good to have on your side.”"

Ian Kinsler, Jose Iglesias could give Detroit Tigers a consistent double play duo again – Lowe

"Kinsler is known primarily as an offensive player. But on the day after the Tigers acquired Kinsler for Prince Fielder this past week, Texas manager Ron Washington included this comment in his praise of Kinsler: “He’s as good as anyone in the game at turning the double play.”The Tigers have Kinsler and Iglesias each under contractual control for the next five years. So perhaps some long-term stability is finally coming again to the middle infield for the Tigers. On Opening Day next season, Kinsler-Iglesias are due to make it six times since Trammell-Whitaker that both the Tigers’ Opening Day second baseman and shortstop are different than on Opening Day the year before."

Miggy extension a bad idea – Dan Szymborski, ESPN Insider (Need a subscription to read entire article)

"For starters, [the Prince Fielder trade] opens up first base for Miguel Cabrera, where his bat will certainly play and he will be less of a defensive liability than he was at third. More important, even when you factor in the money Detroit is sending to Texas to even this deal out, Kinlser is signed for fewer years at less money per year than Fielder, which means the Tigers now have more money to give lucrative contract extensions to the likes of Max Scherzer and Cabrera."

Beltran should be atop Detroit Tigers’ shopping list – Jamie Samuelsen, Detroit Free Press

"[Carlos Beltran] is best choice [on the free agent market]. The best name. The best possible solution. Adding Beltran seemed impossible a week ago. He’s older (36) and coming off another monster postseason with the St. Louis Cardinals. He’s a switch-hitter and is still an able baserunner and fielder. Many baseball people don’t believe in the word clutch, that it’s an impossible gene to hold. I’d argue that Beltran is evidence to the contrary. Both the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox reportedly are pursuing him, which might drive the price up just a bit. One report yesterday said that he’s looking for a two-year contract somewhere in the neighborhood of $36 million. That’s a steep price but a short contract. Beltran would be the perfect choice for the Tigers and the name that Dombrowski should pursue going forward."

Teams Are Learning to Keep Their Best Players Off the Market – Tyler Kepner, New York Times

"Shedding Fielder allows the Tigers to shift Cabrera back to first base, saving some wear on his body and opening third base for their top prospect, Nick Castellanos. It also frees money to re-sign Max Scherzer, the reigning A.L. Cy Young Award winner, who can be a free agent after the 2014 season.Scherzer, who has said he wants to stay in Detroit, has a handy role model for contract negotiations. Last spring, his teammate Justin Verlander signed a seven-year, $180 million contract that was the richest ever for a pitcher.Verlander had just turned 30. Scherzer turns 30 next summer. His performance may get better or worse if he waits until free agency, but one number is sure to change by then: his age. Anything can happen in contract talks, but teams hoping for Scherzer or other elite stars to hit the open market should consider other options, like developing their own young stars and locking in their prime years as soon as they can."