Detroit Tigers Links 12/9/13: Miggy’s health and opinion on recent trades & Verlander’s place in history


Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Miguel Cabrera says he ‘feels good’ after surgery, talks about off-season moves – Mike Brundell, Detroit Free Press

"Cabrera, whose lifetime average is .321, is pleased enough with the progress of the surgery.“It is pretty good,” he said. “It feels good.”And he’s OK with the recent trades and the signings of Ian Kinsler and Joe Nathan.“I think all the guys we got will play pretty strong,” he said.What about Fielder’s trade to Texas and Doug Fister’s trade to Washington?“It’s always sad when you see teammates go,” said Cabrera, who the Tigers acquired from the Marlins on Dec. 4, 2007. “It’s kind of sad, but it’s part of the game. I think Prince is going to do great.”"

Tigers’ Max Scherzer Still Could be Traded Despite Doug Fister Trade To Washington – Onchie Ebriega, The Latino Post

"Despite winning his first Cy Young award, Scherzer’s future with the Tigers remains uncertain. In fact, the unloading of Fister and Fielder’s paychecks should not be interpreted as a measuring stick that the Tigers are ready to sign a megadeal with Scherzer, according to Dombrowski.“Dombrowski made clear that the Fister trade shouldn’t be interpreted as a sign the Tigers are close to a mega-extension with Scherzer,” the Tigers GM told Jon Paul Marosi via Fox Sports."

5 Tigers Additions By Subtraction – Brent Smith, Rant Sports

"You know that girlfriend you had that became fat when you left her, and you realized how lucky you were to part ways? I don’t because I have never had a girlfriend, but that I imagine would be similar to the feeling the Detroit Tigers are going to be feeling in a few years after looking back at these five players who have parted ways with the team this offseason. Some of the splits have been hurtful like seeing Jim Leyland retire or Doug Fister traded for an open bag of peanuts, but the players leaving will actually help the Detroit Tigers in the long run for the most part."

Tigers Must Get a Left Fielder Now – Smith

"As it stands right now, Andy Dirks would be the Tigers’ starting left fielder, which is fine if you enjoy throwing things at your television. It seemed like the Tigers were going to go after Jacoby Ellsbury, but after the New York Yankees offered a ridiculous amount of money, fans thought ‘okay, Carlos Beltran is on the market at a cheaper cost, so no big problem.’That was until the Yankees decided they wanted him as well.No doubt the Yankees paid a lot of money that the Tigers may not have been able to match, but it hasn’t sounded like the Tigers have really even wanted to pursue either of them. The same goes with the last impact free agent outfielder, Shin-Soo Choo. It is surprising because left field was so bad for Detroit last postseason that the Tigers had to have Jhonny Peralta patrol the outfield; and if you have seen Peralta, run you would know why that was so ridiculous."

Is Justin Verlander the best Tigers’ starting pitcher in history? – John A. McGeehan, Bless You Boys

"Adjusted for playing era, Justin Verlander is the most dominant Tigers pitcher ever. His rate statistics bear this out. Barring a trade or major injury, he will continue to climb the leader boards for wins, bWAR, starts, and strikeouts and have a convincing case for the top spot in Tigers’ history. A Tigers’ World Series win during his tenure would seal the deal."