Is Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander dating Kate Upton again?


Not to go all “TMZ” on our Motor City Bengals readers, but there are reports circulating that injured superstar pitcher Justin Verlander has been seen with his ex, supermodel Kate Upton, at a Philadelphia Flyers game over the weekend.

The alleged courtship of Verlander and Upton dates back to 2012 when the couple was rumored to be an item although neither ever confirmed it.

When Verlander hit a slump during the 2012 regular season and had a dreadful performance starting the 2012 All-Star Game, many chalked it up to being “distracted” by his love for Upton. The couple apparently split at some point following the 2012 season and Upton even took a veiled shot at Verlander by tweeting a Happy Birthday message to one of his best friends, Frank Viola III.

So what? Consider the language of the eCard that was attached.

A few months later, Oakland Athletics fans may have picked up on the hostility and taunted Verlander with pictures of Upton. (Of course that tactic didn’t work as JV shutout the A’s in both of his ALDS starts).

Apparently all has been forgiven and the couple are an item again since you can’t imagine taking an ex to a hockey game.

One wonders that if Upton is truly “bad luck” for Justin, if that was the cause of his core muscle injury.

Either way, if these rumors are true, Justin Verlander is sure to have an enjoyable six weeks of recovery time.