Did Ian Kinsler essentially choose the Detroit Tigers?


Ian Kinsler Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

A disappointing aspect of last Saturday’s annual TigerFest was that Ian Kinsler had prior commitments and could not rub elbows with Detroit faithful for the first time as a member of the “good guys.”

But, had the Texas Rangers had their way, Kinsler would not have worn the Old English D in 2014.

Shi Davidi of SportsNet reported this week that Texas attempted to trade Kinsler to the Toronto Blue Jays earlier in the off-season, but the second basemen refused to waive his no-trade clause.

Too often people take shots at Detroit, saying no one would willing want to go there. There was also a time when the Tigers’ organization was to be avoided like the plague.

After losing 119 games in 2003, perhaps the most prized free agent on the market, Miguel Tejada, was considering a contract with the sad-sack Tigers. Ultimately, he was just playing them to get higher offers from his other suitors, and ended up signing with the Baltimore Orioles. Perhaps the snub ended up working out. Tejada had good numbers in his first few years in Baltimore, but he quickly turned into a malcontent. The Tigers used that money to sign Ivan Rodriguez later that off-season.

It’s refreshing that Kinsler wanted to come to Detroit because it means one of two things happened. Either he didn’t include the Tigers on his no-trade clause (reportedly around 10 teams) or he waived it to come to Detroit after refusing to do the same for Toronto. Either way, its a good thing that he wants to be here, seemingly unlike the player he was traded for (who, ironically waived his no-trade clause to leave the Tigers).

Many fans expressed happiness when Prince Fielder was dealt. The slugger may have worn out his homecoming in Detroit prematurely when he struggled through two postseasons. He may have sealed his fate with his blaze attitude following last October’s postseason ouster.

There have been, of course, plenty of rumors on why Prince wanted to be out of Detroit so badly. Last month, Tigers’ radio announcer Dan Dickerson has this to say on 97.1 The Ticket:”you didn’t get the sense that [Prince] enjoyed his home ballpark, or even being here, really.”

Though Davidi did not report who the Blue Jays would have sent back, it’s worth mentioning that Prince Fielder may have been their second choice in a return for Kinsler.

So even though Kinsler missed TigerFest last week, its apparent that he’s happy to be a member of the Detroit Tigers.