Detroit Tigers Links: Verlander’s blessing, Miggy is (really) good & remembering the summer of Red Pop


Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander: Surgery was a ‘blessing in disguise’ – George Sipple, Detroit Free Press

"Verlander was injured doing squats in December, and tests revealed a more serious injury than he expected. He felt discomfort on his left side, but the MRI exam revealed a pre-existing injury on his right side as well. “Evidently, at some point in his lifetime, he had suffered an injury to the opposite side,” Tigers trainer Kevin Rand said. ‘“It was just a matter of time before that went,” Verlander said of the injury to his rectus abdominus, commonly known as the abs. “I think it was a blessing in disguise.” “Based on what the MRI showed, at some point he probably would have had symptoms on that other side, had this not occurred,” Rand said."

Should Justin continue to heal well, stay on track for the regulars season, and have a good season, fans will probably never remember that he was injured. While its a “blessing” this happened to him, it’s also a blessing it happened in the off-season.

Detroit Tigers players curious about Brad Ausmus‘ approach – Vince Ellis, Detroit Free Press

"Just like any Detroit Tigers fan, left-hander Duane Below is curious to see the managing style of newcomer Brad Ausmus. “He’s going to be getting to know the guys; I haven’t met him yet,” Below said last week at Joker Marchant Stadium. “He will get to know the guys, and they will see his managing type. “I’m excited to see the situations that are put in. I’m reading and hearing that he wants to run and do this. It’s going to be a little bit of an experience trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I think he’s a good manager for the position.”"

Phil Coke added that as an Ivy League grad, he’s smart and “has a great feel for the game.” And he said this while pointing to the sky for no apparent reason.

Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera is just that good – Joe White, ISportsWeb

"If he finds a way to average 120 RBI’s over the next eight seasons he would find himself sandwiched between Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth as the all-time RBI kings. It’s for all of these reasons that Miguel Cabrera is going to get a mega free agent deal from the Tigers sooner or later, even at age 31 or 32, as financially un-wise as it all may seem. The Tigers will want Cabrera chasing history in their uniform. They assume that if he stays long enough, with the strong starting pitching that supports his offensive productivity, that they’ll run into a World Series title soon enough."

Is there a more horrifying thought for Tigers’ fans than to imagine an aging Miggy setting all-time records in Yankee pinstripes, Dodger blue, Red Sox–well, red socks? How about if he was an Indian, Royal or White Sox? I just threw up in my mouth a little….

Revisiting Former Detroit Tiger Chris Shelton’s Epic 2006 Season – Dominic Alessi, Rant Sports

"Shelton had given Detroiters something to cheer about and pack the stadium to begin what looked to be a promising year for the team. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. For the rest of the season, Shelton managed to hit just seven more home runs as he finished the season with a .273 average, 16 home runs and 34 RBI. While he was a serviceable first baseman, he was not a good fit for the club and failed to make the 2007 Opening Day roster. Shelton went on to appear in just 50 more MLB games from 2007-2009 with the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners, and his chances to succeed were few and far between."

Ahhh yessssss, the summer of “Red Pop,” Chris Shelton. Part of the reason he was such a hit for Tigers’ fans is because good baseball was so hard to find. Coming into 2006, Detroit had 11-straight losing seasons. That losing didn’t often bring in hitters on historically hot streaks to open a season (when Detroit fans were still paying attention to baseball).

Sadly, when the Tigers clinched their first playoff berth in 19 years at the end of 2006, Red Pop had long since gone flat and was left off the playoff roster. He hasn’t appeared in the big leagues since he played nine games for Seattle in 2009.