Detroit Tigers Links: Ausmus on pine tar, controversial game-ending interference & honoring ’84 Tigers and Leyland


Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers’ Brad Ausmus on pitchers using pine tar: ‘I think it’s overblown’ – James Schmehl,

"“It’s more about getting a grip, it’s not really about altering the movement of the ball,” Ausmus said Thursday. “Just like putting pine tar on a bat is to be able to grip the bat, using pine tar for a pitcher would be to get a grip for the ball.“I think this is becoming overblown, really.”"

The most unfortunate thing about this pine tar incident is that it occurred in a Yankees-Red Sox game, which means ESPN will be replaying this “classic” moment 25 years from now.

Controversial call seals Tigers’ victory; White Sox haven’t filed a protest – Tony Paul, Detroit News

"Under section 6.06, in that situation, the batter is out and the runner is sent back to his original base. The only time a runner is ruled out in that situation is if the catcher’s throw still beats him; Holaday’s did not.That said, the batter, Abreu, already was out anyway, via a strikeout. And that could bring into play another section of the rule book — 7.09 — that suggests the runner could be called out if a teammate who has just been ruled out deliberately interferes with the following play. That figures to be the rule Iassogna cited. Otherwise, the White Sox should’ve had a runner on first with two out in the ninth inning. By Iassogna’s call, the game was ruled over, the Tigers 7-4 winners.As of 5 p.m. Thursday, the White Sox had not filed an official protest, according to an official with MLB. They have until noon Friday to file one. If they do, the league office will review the merits and determine if umpire error was critical in the team losing the ballgame. It’s a stretch, but MLB could actually decide the White Sox’s claim is legitimate and resume the game later in the season — with two outs in in the ninth inning, a runner on first and the Tigers up 7-4."

No protests please. It’s the adult version of having a dispute on the playground and running to mom to solve it. However if the league determines that the White Sox could have indeed gotten in the game on the basis of the Tigers’ bullpen colossally sucking, than yes, there may be some standing.

Topps Celebrates The 1984 Tigers – Evan Jenkins, CBS Detroit

"Topps has released a package called, “1984 TIGERS ARCHIVES COLLECTION BOX – SERIES 1″ which features a “Bless you Boys” hat, T-shirt, buttons, player patches, baseball cards and also a pennant. All of these items are celebrating the ’84 Tigers and to be honest for the price of $99.99 it’s not that bad of a deal."

The Tigers as an organization generally don’t seem to like to wear uniform patches unless an alumnus passes, but perhaps they should have made an exception for the 1984 team, the last championship team. That team will be celebrated prior to a June 30 game at Comerica Park.

Detroit Tigers will honor Jim Leyland at May 10 game – James Jahnke, Detroit Free Press

"The Detroit Tigers will honor Jim Leyland, the third-winningest manager in franchise history, during an on-field ceremony prior to their 1:08 p.m. game against the Minnesota Twins on May 10, the team announced today."