Detroit Tigers Links: Scherzer not happy with SI, Max might be on trading block, & AL Central no longer laughing stock


Apr 19, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Max Scherzer (37) warms up before the first inning against the Los Angeles Angels at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers’ Max Scherzer not pleased with Sports Illustrated profile – George Sipple & John Lowe, Detroit Free Press

"“When they approached us, (Tigers media relations) and I, we specifically asked not to make the story around the contract. … They assured us it wasn’t going to be like that. They chose a different route, and we felt like we were lied to and misled.”The cover headline was “Mad Max’s $144 million bet” and asked “did he make a dumb wager on his future?”“I didn’t want it to be about that,” Scherzer said. “I’m a baseball player. I want to talk baseball. It’s frustrating when you get lied to about that.”"

I’m not sure why Max was surprised by this. Of course this was the narrative that would be dispensed by a national publication. Scherzer might be getting a taste of what it will be like if he goes to a larger market in free agency next year. The media pulls no punches. Speaking of larger markets and Max…

NY Yankees Trade Rumors: Max Scherzer With Tigers, Jeff Samardzija, Cliff Lee Options If New York Willing To Give Gary Sanchez? – Sports World Report

"The NY Yankees may look to a trade to help replace Ivan Nova in the rotation and Max Scherzer with the Detroit Tigers is an extreme option, but one that could be possible, while Jeff Samardzija, Cliff Lee, David Price and Rick Porcello also could be in the mix and the Yanks can use prospects like Gary Sanchez or Jose Ramirez to get something done if they are willing to give up those young players."

There’s absolutely no chance of this happening. No chance. There is no way the Tigers give up on Scherzer in early May, even when it looks more and more likely he won’t be resigned after this year. The Tigers are still in win-now mindset and the only way Scherzer, or even Rick Porcello who is mentioned here, is considered trade bait is if the Tigers are out of contention in the middle of July. That is highly unlikely.

Detroit Tigers: Starters must hold up until bullpen help arrives – Shawn Windsor, Freep via Pioneer Press

"Phoning out to the Tigers’ bullpen right now is risky no matter who is at the plate. The team’s cadre of relief pitchers has the second-worst ERA in the American League.Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski and his scouts are surely taking notes for possible deals later this season. Until then, however, Ausmus and Jones have to find a way to prop up a depleted bullpen."

And this is precisely the reason the deal above seems so far-fetched. Detroit’s bullpen is in shambles, if you trade one of the current rotation members (bearing in mind Anibal Sanchez may not be ready to come off the DL after 15 days), you rely more on that bullpen everyday.

Don’t discount Detroit Tigers’ AL Central rivals – MCB special to the Free Press

"So while the Tigers have been unfairly marginalized in some circles for making the postseason three straight seasons, for this season at least, they are being unfairly lofted and given the benefit of the doubt that they will easily win the division despite their many, many issues.The Tigers may ultimately finish on top of the AL Central again come October, but it should not surprise anyone if they do not."

With all AL Central teams near, at, or above .500, the division seems to be better and more competitive than in years past.