TV situation for tonight’s Detroit Tigers-Kansas City Royals game


“Nice area.”

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Jun 29, 2014; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals players Lorenzo Cain (right) and Jarrod Dyson (left) stand with young fans prior to a game against the Los Angeles Angels at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

“The art of pitching” and other Jim Price catchphrases will be ringing in your ears tonight if you live in the Detroit market and want to follow the Detroit Tigers-Kansas City Royals Saturday night game in real-time.

This is because the Royals scheduled a 7:10 p.m. EDT game for a night in which the Fox Network holds the exclusive national broadcast window for their Saturday Game of the Week. So you can watch the Pittsburgh Pirates taking on the Cincinnati Reds on Fox while you monitor the Tigers’ game on radio, or wait until 10 p.m. and watch via tape delay on Fox Sports Detroit (no spoilers please!)

For out-of-market fans (like yours truly), there is some speculation that the game will be available on MLB.TV outside of the Detroit and Kansas City markets.

MLive beat writer Chris Iott spent time trying to figure out the situation prior to last night’s 2-1 Tigers’ victory over the Royals and was receiving different answers to the same question.

Finally, he came to this conclusion:

SCORE! You can all come visit my palatial St. Cloud, Florida estate and we’ll all watch together.

Of course, I am skeptical of this as well because MLB.TV is very good about making sure you don’t watch the game if you aren’t supposed to despite paying $130 per year. But I guess we’ll see.

MLB finally relaxed most of their silly blackout rules at the start of this season. In the past, fans like myself residing in Florida, would often be stuck with the Atlanta Braves or Tampa Bay Rays during the regional Saturday Fox games. If the Tigers were playing in another regional game, out-of-market fans couldn’t watch on TV or on MLB.TV.

A welcome change came this year when fans of other teams could watch their teams during the Saturday games on MLB.TV no matter what was being shown on the local Fox affiliate.

The only blackouts for MLB.TV or Extra Innings now occur during the Saturday night games or when a rare game is scheduled at the same time as ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.