MCB staff looks ahead to the second half of Detroit Tigers 2014 season

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May 23, 2014; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Padres relief pitcher Joaquin Benoit (56) is congratulated by catcher Yasmani Grandal (8) after a win against the Chicago Cubs at Petco Park. The Padres won 11-1. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Who is the player, or players, that the Tigers should look to acquire before the trading deadline?

Matt Snyder: I’m guessing we’ll see another relief arm added to the roster. Joaquin Benoit was a rumored target last week but I think we’ll see something more in line with the Jose Veras move from last season.

Chris Hannum: J.J. Putz.  He’s free, why not take a flyer?  There are plenty of other guys that are at least potentially available that could help the team more (it’d be really nice to see Joaquin Benoit back), but it doesn’t seem like the Tigers can just add salary left and right anymore.

Michael Emmerich: Unless Tulo or Price suddenly come available at a price the Tigers can afford (ya, right), Dombrowski should just add a couple of arms to the bullpen. Joquan Benoit has been mentioned, and he’d be a strong addition (even though DD let him walk last year, the Tigers GM doesn’t let pride get in the away of these things). Huston Street is having a solid year, but he may cost too much. Could we rewind the clock on that Fister deal and then move Smyly into the bullpen?

Grant Stoye: I love Ben Zobrist and I miss Joaquin Benoit, but I feel like the Tigers will acquire someone out of the blue (Andrew Miller? Josh Colmenter?) that will dominate the second half and make Dombrowski look like a genius. Again.

Tom Zahari: I would look for bullpen help and a left handed bat to come off of the bench. For the bullpen, I am fine with the Joaquim Soria rumors. I’m not sure Soria will be the guy, but I think it will be minor moves rather than major moves at the deadline.

Blair Tatrault: Gotta go bullpen. Joakim Soria, Joaquin Benoit, Koji Uehara. As long as his first name is hard to spell, it’s okay with me. Huston Street would help. An under the radar guy would be Boston left-hander Andrew Miller, if available.

Matt Pelc: Anyone they are rumored with for the bullpen, but primarily Joaquin Benoit. I don’t understand why the Tigers were so interested in parting company with him this past off-season when he had a lot of success in whatever the team needed him to do. He knows the team, the system, and is used to the postseason.

Josh Scramlin: Joaquin Benoit is definitely the one player I think is vital that the Tigers acquire. The bullpen woes would be few and far between with him in it and if Nathan can turn things around, it’d be a seven inning game with those two.

Sam O’Toole: With Nathan struggling, I think the Tigers need one more big arm at the back end of the bullpen. Joel Hanrahan will be there at some point in the second half, but he is more of a wild card. I’d like to see the Tigers go after Huston Street. He would be pricey but would fit nicely as either the set up man or the closer. A quality left-hander in the bullpen wouldn’t hurt, either.