Joe Nathan apologizes to Detroit Tigers fans for making derogatory gesture


When news broke late last night that Detroit Tigers’ Joe Nathan make a derogatory gesture toward the Comerica Park crowd after closing out the Pittsburgh Pirates, fans looked at the video and wondered “did he really?”

Yes he did. Nathan admitted so this morning and apologized in a meeting with beat reporters prior to this afternoon’s series finale with Pittsburgh.

The comedic stylings of Joe Nathan–but before you get the hook, he got serious….

Then he acknowledged that everyone is on the same side and then REFERENCED HIS KIDS (ya know the thing that fans believe got Prince Fielder booted out of town when he said he didn’t care about losing in the ALCS because he had kids, “man”).

Good for him for admitting it–he could have come up with some lame excuse that his chin was itchy or something and apologizing for it. It is perhaps the first bit of personal accountability Nathan has taken in a Tigers’ uniform and not shifted blame elsewhere.

Nathan has not endeared himself to Tigers’ fans with his behavior and having zero accountability. None of that would matter if Nathan could do the job he is being paid for. The best way to get fans off your back? Covert your next 10 save chances and keep men off the bases.

So what say you Tigers’ fans? Are you satisfied with the apology?