Justin Verlander asking for a “blue out” in Detroit Tigers-Baltimore Orioles ALDS Game 3


Detroit Tigers fans are hoping for a blowout victory over the Baltimore Orioles to keep our collective neuroses at bay for at least another day. To try to accomplish that goal, Justin Verlander has requested that fans wear blue to “blue out” Comerica Park in the do-or-die Game 3 for their beloved baseball team.

Saturday evening, Verlander took to Twitter to figure out which Tigers’ color should fill the stadium: orange, blue, or white.

After receiving many responses, including one from his lady love Kate Upton, J.V. picked blue.

Blue makes sense for a number of reasons. (Navy) Blue is the Tigers’ primary color whereas orange is the Orioles’ primary color. The Detroit Lions will be finishing up their game against the Buffalo Bills as Game 3 is beginning. No doubt some of the fans of that game will be late arrivals to the Tigers’ game and will likely be wearing Lions’ blue (albeit a lighter shade than navy) following the conclusion of that game.

Also, should Detroit be on the short end of the score come 8 p.m. or so, fans streaming from the stadium will be clad in blue and their moods will be a matching color.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. #3MoreWin