Max Scherzer-Detroit Tigers reunion still possible says Bryan Holaday


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In case you disengaged the Max Scherzer watch over the holiday weekend, here’s your update: the 2013 AL Cy Young Award winner remains unsigned. But before you cross him off for next year’s Detroit Tigers team, one teammate says not so fast.

Backup catcher Bryan Holaday spoke to Matt Dery of Detroit Sports 105.1, saying that he believes the Tigers are still on the table for Max’s services in 2015 and beyond.

"“I know the Tigers are still on the table,” Holaday said. So anytime you hear that, it’s a good sign. [Scherzer] is pretty good about keeping his mouth shut. We’ll see. After the Winter Meetings, we’ll have a good idea of what’s going on.”"

A story broke Saturday night that reportedly had the New York Yankees offering Scherzer a six-year deal, but that report was false and thus we continue on Max Watch 2015.

Some baseball insiders believe notorious agent Scott Boras will wait to see what deals other big named pitchers such as James Shields and Jon Lester sign to see how he can angle Max for an even larger deal.

For their part, the Tigers have been non-committal either way. They do acknowledge, however, that they gave their best contract offer (at the time) to Max last Spring Training when he turned down six years and $144 million. Two things have changed since that contract offer: Miguel Cabrera‘s mega extension and Victor Martinez‘s four-year deal. So circumstances may have changed and the Tigers may not be willing to exceed or even offer that original offer.

Nonetheless the team hasn’t said they are not going after Scherzer, they just indicated that it would be a much tougher road to resign the veteran with other teams in the mix.

Personally I have gone from hoping Max stays to a more MEH state of mind. Certainly the Tigers are a much better team in 2015 with him than without him, but giving a 30 1/2 year old pitcher another mega deal might not be in the best interests of the franchise for beyond 2015.

It’s a tough position for the Tigers to be in, but I don’t believe I’d be happy or sad no matter where Max goes, whether its Detroit or elsewhere.

What’s your take on Max? Do you want him back or hope for the team to go in a new direction?