The 5 Best Miguel Cabrera Home Runs (VIDEOS)

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#5: First homer as a Detroit Tiger

The 2008 Detroit Tigers were the consensus pick to win it all mainly because of their offseason blockbuster trade for young superstar Miguel Cabrera. They finished in last place, largely because of a lousy pitching staff, but the newbie lived up to the hype and then some.

The 24-year old already had an accomplished career in Miami, hitting over .300 three out of five seasons and becoming a World Series hero for the Marlins, champions of 2003.

The legend of Dave Dombrowski first surfaced when he stole Cabrera away from the Marlins and thus avoided him going to other teams via trade like the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox.

Cabrera has hit 252 of his 390 career homer wearing the Olde English D. It didn’t take him long to hit his first, on Opening Day 2008. It was the first of 37 on the year for him.

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