Ranking the Top 5 Starting Pitchers in the AL Central for 2015

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Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few seasons ago, the AL Central was considered to be a bothersome rash on the chest of the MLB. For the most part, the teams were lackluster and quite unexciting. The enigma that baseball encapsulates had essentially been lost in Midwestern baseball.

That has drastically changed as heading into the 2015 season the AL Central Division is among one of the most powerful in the league. If not, the most powerful. Buster Olney of ESPN boasts that the Central is the place to be:

"“Considering the off-season moves, you can make a strong case that the AL Central is now baseball’s best, with all of its Cy Young Award-caliber pitchers to its elite hitters to the great bullpens of the Royals and Indians.”"

Among the deluge of talent lies a treasure trove of elite pitchers. From the South Side of Chicago to the Motor City to the Show-Me-State, pitching is at an absolute abundance heading into this season. And it is certain these flame-throwers will affect the payoff race on a daily basis. It is now time to rank the top 5 starting pitchers in the AL Central (as well as some honorable mentions) for the 2015 season.