Detroit Tigers Spring Training 2015 Roundtable

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Credit: Flickr, Creative Commons Tom Hagerty

So it has come to this.

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The Detroit Tigers’ 2015 season officially kicked off a couple of hours ago when pitchers and catchers made their first appearance in sunny and (not so) warm Lakeland, Florida.

While most Tigers’ fans are digging out and trying to warm up after a long winter season of snow, ice and bitter cold, we are now just a couple of days until baseball games will be played again–albeit practice games, but games nonetheless.

The 2015 Detroit Tigers are a team with a lot of question marks. Their window for AL Central dominance has seemingly evaporated with their rivals getting better and the team coming back to the pack.

With a packed lineup and starting rotation helping to dominate a relatively weak division since 2011, the Tigers still have not been able to grab the ultimate prize as a favorite within the baseball media.

Perhaps as they translate into a perceived second-tier team, they could sneak up on people. Or they could finish in fourth place.

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, 2015 will be a very interesting year for the Tigers.

So as we begin that intriguing chapter, we gathered the Motor City Bengals staff together and cobbled together answers to some burning questions as the team hits Lakeland.

One exciting website note. You may notice a new name in the staff roundtable, Dave Holcomb, who will be joining us as the new Motor City Bengals co-editor beginning March 1. We are very excited to have him!