Detroit Tigers Spring Training 2015 Roundtable

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Sep 1, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Detroit Tigers right fielder Steven Moya singles in the ninth inning against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Which young players are making this team? Tyler Collins? Steven Moya? Kyle Lobstein? Any others?

Dan: Collins seems like the logical candidate but perhaps Daniel Fields can finally realize some of the potential that was seen in him a couple of years ago. He was once projected as a middle of the order MLB center-fielder.

Zane: There is little room for young players to crack the majors on this roster in 2015. But, I believe two of the Tigers’ young talents will find their way onto the team this year. First, I think Tyler Collins ends up on the opening day roster for the second straight year. The Tigers are clearly very high on him, and despite falling off the roster last year, he showed promise at the end of the year. With Gose and Davis splitting time in center, it would serve the Tigers well to have some pop off the bench. The other young Tiger I believe will make this roster is Hernan Perez. Perez made a national name for himself by winning a game for the Tigers from the bench. But Tigers fans have been familiar with him for a while, and this will be the year he can make an impact off the bench for this team. In my opinion, he gives Detroit more than Andrew Romine, and he will beat Romine in the battle for the utility infielder spot off the bench.

Josh: As I said in the question before this, Kyle Lobstein is making the team. When Anibal Sanchez was injured and Rick Porcello was struggling heavily in the latter half of last season, Lobstein stepped in and saved the season. The Tigers would not have made it down that stretch in August without his help. As for Tyler Collins and Steven Moya, I wouldn’t mind seeing them come off the bench but a little more time in the minors would be better for them. A person everybody seems to forget is James McCann; with Alex Avila being banged up so bad in his career, it wouldn’t hurt to give McCann a legitimate shot.

Steve: Lobstein is clearly needed and will be pushed along this year. Rondon will be back and in the bullpen and I’d classify him as a young player. I don’t think Moya is ready for prime time yet and will be held back. Tyler Collins will make the trip to Detroit and spend about a month before he is sent back for Moya.

Tom: I think Collins makes the team as the 5th outfielder and as a bat off of the bench and I think everyone else has him the favorite to do that too. If Victor Martinez is not ready for Opening Day, I think Moya makes the team as pop off of the bench or as a possible early season DH against right handed pitching. He will be in the Tigers outfield if anyone goes down this season, and I also think Moya is a Tigers outfielder for the future, but he’s not ready for the big club in 2015. I also think Kyle Ryan makes the team in the bullpen as a late innings lefty. The Tigers’ bullpen needs a lefty and Ryan showed at the end of last season that he can get high leverage outs against left handed batters. Kyle Lobstein is my next man up in the rotation. If the Tigers decide to move Simon to the bullpen or any of the Tigers’ starters get hurt this season, Lobstein will be up in a spot start role, with the possibility of Buck Farmer and Drew VerHagen as others to get some spot starts here or there.

Blair: I see Tyler Collins making the team as the fifth outfielder. He provides a little left-handed pop, can run some, and doesn’t hurt you in the field, though playing center field for any length of time would be a stretch for him. Moya still needs 500 minor league at bats, then might be ready by September. Likewise, Lobstein needs further refining at AAA. Since he’s out of options and is younger and faster than Andrew Romine, Hernan Perez will probably make the team as a utility guy.

Matt: I think Collins strong stint in a limited role in September proves he can be the fifth outfielder and, unlike last season, stick around past April. I am excited for Moya but believe he needs another year of seasoning at AAA. He made a name for himself at AA last year but he’ll be facing big-league caliber pitching on a regular basis for the first time in his career. I am not sure the Tigers would want to carry a young spot starter on Opening Day with more off-days. They want them starting in Toledo not coming out of the bullpen in Detroit, however I’d expect to seeing Lobstein, Ryan, Farmer and VerHagen all at some point this season.

Dave: Kyle Lobstein and Bruce Rondon will likely make the team in an attempt to give the bullpen some depth. Lobstein could also push Simon for the No. 5 rotation spot. I don’t see the Tigers pushing their top hitting prospect, Steven Moya, along too quickly just to sit on the bench this season. The 23-year-old seems better suited to play every day at the Triple-A level. Tyler Collins could potentially claim a bench spot.