Ranking the 2015 AL Central Division Infields

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Detroit Tigers Sportscaster Al Ackerman once said about Sparky Anderson “Sparky came here two years ago promising to build a team in his own image. Now the club is looking for small, white-haired infielders with .212 batting averages.”

Has any team in the AL Central Division truly mastered the mix  of having the right balance of great gloves and great bats for their infields?   The quality of an infield has proven to make or break a team, especially on the run to a postseason.   Teams like the Detroit Tigers have leaned in the past that great bats and not gloves can cost your team at critical times when great gloves were needed.

Let’s take a look at the projected starting infields for the 2015 American League Central division and grade them on their bats, their gloves and give them an overall grade and rating.