Best Detroit Tigers Fights Over The Years

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Kevin Youklis charges Rick Porcello, August 2009

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

Perhaps one of the more infamous fights that everybody remembers occurred at Fenway Park with Rick Porcello on the mound and Kevin Youklis (remember that guy?) at the plate. A then-20 year old Porcello clocked Youklis in the shoulder with a pitch. Porcello then tried to talk Youklis down but the Viking-esque Boston batter wasn’t having it, charging towards Porcello. The two slammed each other into the Fenway grass, the benches cleared, and the rest is history.

What’s ironic about this situation is that Porcello now pitches for Boston and recently signed a multi-year deal with the team worth $82.5 million. Kevin Youklis no longer plays professional baseball after spending 2014 playing in Japan. That’s called karma, folks.

You can watch a video of the fight here