Detroit Tigers – The “Should’ve Guy’s” Early Season Review

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5. Ausmus Should’ve Changed the Batting Lineup

I am going to beat this horse until it is beyond dead. The offense worked so well the first month and now it’s just stalled.

What has Brad Ausmus done to help? The first question of a change of lineup, he actually told the press that it “just gave people something to talk about”.

Then after seeing J.D. Martinez struggle he switched J.D. and Yoenis Cespedes.

But yet….

He leaves an injured and slumping Victor in cleanup allowing pitchers to pitch around Miggy to get to Vmart.

He leaves the bottom of the lineup struggle.

I’ll say it again…Ausmus Should’ve switched the lineup

Ahh…the Should’ve Guy.  He’s kind of a super hero.  We’ll see more of him throughout the season unless the Tigers give us a reason to keep him quiet.

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