Detroit Tigers: Miggy’s 400th, solid bullpen, Lion watches Tigers


Miguel Cabrera is something special. This is not debatable.

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His 400th homer puts him in unique company in baseball and while he did not hit all of these homers with the Detroit Tigers, he certainly will always be linked to the Tigers when he goes to the Hall of Fame when his career is over.

I view Miggy as a way of the universe righting itself for us fans who endured Tigers’ baseball in the 1990’s and early 2000’s with the annual 90 and 100 loss teams. Those of us who stayed with the team through the dark days have been rewarded by being witness to one of the best baseball players in MLB history.

As for the 400th homer, the large scope of the accomplishment was not lost on Cabrera.

As the Tigers have struggled with offense much of the season and the starting rotation has been up and down, the bullpen–yes the bullpen has been much better than we thought with a couple of exceptions along the way.

Its always fun to see the local teams supporting each other. We saw this during the Detroit Red Wings brief foray into the postseason when both Tigers and Lions players went to Joe Louis Arena for support. Now the Lions’ rising star Ziggy Ansah is kicking it up another notch by making sure local kids can see their favorite baseball team.

Great job Ziggy!

Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera hits 400th home run: ‘This means a lot’ – ESPN

"“That means a lot to me,” Cabrera said about the milestone. “But I just want to win and play games.”“[Cabrera is] definitely the best hitter in baseball and he’s hands down the smartest player in baseball as well,” Tigers starter David Price said. “He’s pretty special.”"

The Tigers Bullpen Is Actually…Decent [BLOG] – CBS Detroit

"The bullpen ERA — 2.93, good for 7th in the Major Leagues. Compare that to 4.29 (27th) in 2014. What about WHIP? This season, 1.16 (8th) compared to 1.48 (29th) in 2014.So why has the back-end of the Tigers’ pitching staff improved so much (so far) this season? The easy answer is that the closer position has been flipped, replacing “fan favorite” Joe Nathan with Joakim Soria."

Lions’ Ziggy Ansah helps kids go to a Detroit Tigers gameMichael Rothstein, ESPN

"The four teachers spent all school year selling popcorn on Fridays to raise money for the charter bus. The Detroit Tigers donated the tickets. One of the teachers, Ashley Keskes, posted a Facebook message on Opening Day mentioning the potential need for shirts and hats for the kids, and they had enough donated to cover the 40 of them.The Facebook message also turned into one more thing — the one thing they had not been able to fundraise for yet. The kids, many of whom whose families could not afford to pay for any amenities, still needed food and drinks for the day.So, Ansah donated enough money for hot dogs, chips and pop for the 40 special education students for their Tigers day Thursday. Ansah found out about the kids after one of Keskes’ friends saw the Facebook posts and reached out to one of Ansah’s representatives."

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