Detroit Tigers’ Alex Wilson continues to be bullpen savior


Think back to when the Detroit Tigers sent Rick Porcello to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Yoenis Cespedes

What many people are unaware of is that it wasn’t a straight up player-for-player deal; there were a few other players involved in trade that were really nothing more than kick-ins. But, one of those players that was tossed in is making a difference in Detroit.

That player: Alex Wilson.

The 28 year-old righty was seemingly unknown when sent to the Motor City, but after just a couple of months in a Tigers uniform everybody knows Wilson’s name. In fact, he’s been the savior of the bullpen and continues to surprise everyone. Because of his versatility and constant reliability, Wilson is the go-to man in the bullpen. If it wasn’t for him the relief pitching in Detroit would be absolutely putrid.

With a 1.99 ERA and sixteen punch-outs in 22.1 innings of work, Wilson is a beacon of hope with more than respectable stats.

“I can’t really give you his role because I use him all over the place”-Brad Ausmus

After beginning the season in Toledo, Wilson was called up in April. In just under two months he has done everything in the book. He has appeared as a middle reliever, a specialist, and even a starter. After Alfredo Simon was scratched from his start against the Oakland Athletics, it was Wilson that manager Brad Ausmus called upon at the last-minute.

During a game in mid-May against the Houston Astros that saw eleven innings, it was Wilson that held the game tied for two extra innings, allowing only one hit during his appearance that day.

Wilson does it all, and he’s perfectly fine with that. In a recent article by Aaron McMann of MLive, Wilson stated “I’m just doing what I can. “I’m a grinder — that’s what I’ve always done. I feel like there is a little bit of a role, I am kind of the long guy, but the kind of guy you can throw in and try to get a couple of ground ball or couple quick outs if need be. I’m OK with being the swingman of the bullpen, I could you could call it. But I’m happy with it.”

Wilson is the savior, let that be understood. And for the sake of baseball in Detroit, fingers crossed he keeps it up.

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