Detroit Tigers – Dear Brad: Your Top 5 Ways to Fix the Offense

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#1 – Send Nick Castelllanos down to Toledo for a bit

There’s a kid down there named Corey Jones who is playing decently at third base. His line is .290/.361/.452 with a home run and 12 RBI.   He’s had a few errors this year, but it’s worth the try. Sparky Anderson used to not be afraid to send the message that you need to perform to be on this team. While it’s doubtful that you would do this because of the respect for your veterans, but we think it sends a solid message. The batting slump can’t just fall on you or Wally Joyner, it’s on the hitters as well and they need to be working extra hard to get out of it. Corey Jones up for a bit…just might send that message.

When it’s all said and done, here is your new lineup. The beauty of it all is that it can begin immediately.

CF/DH – Anthony Gose

SS – Jose Iglesias

1B – Miguel Cabrera

RF/DH – J.D. Martinez

2B – Ian Kinsler

LF/DH – Yoenis Cespedes

DH/CF – Rajai Davis

C – James McCann

3B – Corey Jones/Andrew Romine

Sincerely, The Detroit Tiger fan base and team at Motor City Bengals

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