Detroit Tigers Square Off – David Price vs. Max Scherzer


In a new feature, Motor City Bengals presents to you Detroit Tigers “Square Off”.

Two of our contributors each week will face off with a point of view presented in their separate videos and it’s up to you, the readers, to vote as to who is right.

The videos are below as well as a voting poll.  Vote often! (Writers note – when you are up against the editor, vote like the Kansas City Royals fans for ME!)

In this week’s edition we debate who would you rather have pitching for your team in “David Price vs. Max Scherzer”

Staff writer, Steve Mitzel, takes the position that the Tigers let Max get away and he’s just coming into his own and he is the better pitcher to take

Editor Dave Holcomb takes the David Price train all the way home arguing his age and being left handed.

Vote for who you think is right (remember vote for me!)

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