Detroit Tigers: Tyler Collins, Father’s Day, Reds-Tigers makeup


The Detroit Tigers made many fans and media members scratch their head when they announced that Tyler Collins would be sent to Toledo to make room for Victor Martinez‘s return from the DL.

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Detroit’s rationale, of course, is they didn’t need him with V-Mart returning, which could free up one of the outfielders to play DH if Martinez needs a rest. But of course, just like they stubbornly refused to send away Hernan Perez because he was out of options and would have to be placed on waivers before going to Toledo, they didn’t want to risk losing Andrew Romine or Josh Wilson, who are also out of options.

I get it with Romine, he’s been solid in a reserve role, but Josh Wilson? I guess they needed his arm to pitch in Saturday’s blowout. In what is becoming a more ridiculous season by the day, the fact that the Tigers feel they need two reserve infielders instead of pop of their bench ranks high on that list of ridiculousness.

It take a lot of hard work to get to the big leagues, and for many Detroit Tigers, they picked that hard work ethic up from their dads. Yesterday was Father’s Day, so it was important to look at the role that our dads have had on our lives as well as professional athletes.

It didn’t take long for the Tigers-Reds game to be postponed on Thursday. This is because the teams had a couple of mutual off-days on the schedule and the cities are not far apart. It made it an easier rescheduled date.

Given Detroit’s offensive problems, Tigers made a mistake sending Tyler Collins back to Toledo – James Schmehl, MLive

"But Collins’ absence on the bench has certainly been felt by the Tigers the past two days.There’s a short porch in right field at Yankee Stadium that plays to the strengths of left-handed hitters with some power. The Yankees, who have a lineup stacked with left-handed hitters, have deposited five home runs in that porch the past two games."

Tigers’ fathers pass on work ethic to sons – Jeff Seidel, Detroit Free Press

"And why does Joba Chamberlain treat everybody with so much respect?It started with his father, Harlan.“He taught me manners, values, how to be a man,” Joba Chamberlain said. “Everything! That’s the best way to sum it up. He gave me everything that I am today.”I went around the Tigers’ clubhouse and asked a simple, open-ended question to several players: “What did your father give you?”The answers were fascinating, offering an interesting insight into the players, each player, revealing what is important to them, what they value and who they are.“My father is my mentor,” Joakim Soria said. “He taught me the values of life and to respect others. He taught me how to play baseball. He was my first manager. Everything I am right now is because of him.”"

Makeup date for postponed Detroit Tigers-Cincinnati Reds game announced – Schmehl

"This week’s Detroit Tigers-Cincinnati Reds game, postponed due to impending storms in the area, has been rescheduled for Aug. 24 in Cincinnati."

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